Malik’s Mixtape Review: Waka Flocka, Re-Up

Rapper: Waka Flocka
Mixtape: Re-Up
Waka Flocka is an ATL rapper who has been in the game for a good bit. He’s had commercial success with songs like “No Hands” and “Hard in the Paint,” but he’s also He has had plenty of mixtapes, such as Salute Me or Shoot Me 2 , Flockaveli, and Flockaveli 2. His most recent mixtape is the one that the fans have been waiting for: Re-Up.
Waka Flocka: Re-Up
(Selected) Track Review
“Cook Jug” –  Flocka is talking about jugging people, meaning he going to rip off the person who buys drugs from him.
 “Lottery – This song title basically explains the song. He has so much money he feels like he hit the lottery.
“Ain’t No Problem” – In this song, Flocka is talking about how he has money so he doesn’t have any more problems.
“Ghetto Child” – Flocka is talking about how it was a struggle growing up and he never would have did it if was not for hustling and rapping.
“Knowledge God” – This song is Flocka’s freestyle about everything.
“How I’m Rockin” – Flocka is talking about how everybody knows what he is about and what he does.
Malik’s Grade: A
Waka Flocka hasn’t had a good mixtape in a good bit, but now he finally came back out with one to hold us over until Flockaveli 2. The beats are good, the lyrics are good, and I like the way the songs are put together–and Flocka is just a good rapper.