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Hair Harmony: Tips and Tricks for Hair Care

Just about everyone knows the struggle of not only a bad hair day, but the struggles of hair in general. This issue has been haunting teens and adults everywhere, so a little in depth research and advice is in order.

There are many different types and combinations of hair. This means there has to be a lot of different kinds of shampoo, conditioner, and hair products.

The types of hair include curly, straight, dry, oily, thick and thin. And then there are combinations of hair such as thick and curly hair to dry, straight hair. The amount of products and shampoos to help types of hair is endless. The only question is, which is best for which type? That’s what we’re going to find out.

Do you have dry hair? The main cause of dry hair is dying your hair too many times, and too much heat exposure can make your hair seem lifeless and brittle. The solution to resolving this issue is moisture. If using blow-dryers, straighteners, and curling irons is a must for you, try to use a specialized heat protectant before doing so. This will help a lot, especially if you also use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

A deep conditioner once a week is also helpful. Dove’s Intensive Repair Shampoo is the best recommendation.

What about oily hair?  There are two situations that can make your hair appear oily and dirty. Having an oily scalp is the main cause in oily hair. And of course having oily hair in itself seems gross.

However, there is a healthy way to take care of this. Washing your hair every day is something you have to avoid when you are dealing with oily hair. Washing every other day, and using shampoos that are meant for oily hair like Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue Shampoo would be the best bet. If you have an oily scalp, using a shampoo for oily hair but a conditioner for dry hair is a good solution that creates a balance.

Thin hair? Thin hair usually appears to be lifeless. Using voluminous shampoos and conditioners will be beneficial. However, when using conditioner, condition only the ends and lengths of your hair. Conditioning your roots will weight down your hair, making it seem even thinner.

Pantene’s Pro-V Full and Thick Shampoo is the top performer according to Sabrina Guiou, senior, says, “I condition my hair twice, and use a leave-in conditioner.” When asked her favorite product for her hair, she responded with Aussie.

We can’t forget about thick hair. Thick hair is a type of hair that is seen as the holy grail of hair types. A lot of people tease their hair to try and get that thick and volumized hair style.

Some tips for thick hair include to be sure to rinse thoroughly after washing your hair. Not rinsing properly can cause irritation, dryness and a flaky scalp, which no one wants. Thick hair is a type of hair that has to be embraced. If you want to try to hide your thickness, then try to keep your hair layered.

Thick hair and curly hair go hand in hand. However the problem with curly hair is the fact that it tends to appear dull. To solve this problem, using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners will help your hair receive a glossy finish and have a natural shine.

Some people live for curls. There are plenty of products out there that can help define curls and make your curls bouncy and exuberant. A couple products that are recommended is Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Hair Defining Cream, Curly Buttercreme by Miss Jessie, and Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream.

Next on the list is straight hair. Because straight hair is flat, it becomes easy for natural oils and grease to build up, and make your hair seem stringy. Cleaning your hair every day is about the only advice that can be given to people with straight hair.

Other than greasiness, there aren’t usually any other problems that occur. Other professional advice usually comes from experts in hair and skin, like dermatologists.

One last important type of hair that lots of people forget about is colored/dyed hair. Nowadays, a lot of people are coloring their hair, whether it is adults or teenagers.

When cleaning your hair, try using color-safe shampoos and conditioners to ensure that the color in your hair doesn’t fade, and become boring and lifeless. This is probably the most common struggle with people with chemically-colored hair.

Other than faded hair color, the next struggle is that too much chemically-colored treatments can cause the hair to become extremely dry and brittle. Obviously, the best advice here is to not dye your hair more than twice within a six-month period. Also, using a leave-in conditioner and conditioning your hair regularly will help with the dryness issue a lot.

Hopefully these tips will help all of you and you can have some #HairHarmony !

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