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Ravens Select C.J. Mosley with First Pick

(From Friday, 5/9)

With their first pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Baltimore Ravens decided to give their defense a boost with the addition of Alabama linebacker, C.J. Mosley.

The pick is an example of the Ravens classic draft mentality of best player available. Ozzie Newsome also stayed true to his alma mater, Alabama in selecting a former member of the Crimson Tide.

Mosley’s addition automatically bolsters a defense that hasn’t impressed anybody in a few years. Since 2011, it doesn’t seem like the Ravens have been able to put together their classic top-5 hard-nosed style of defense.

In fact, the Ravens have been considered mediocre on defense for a few years now; even when they won their super bowl in 2012, the defense was only ranked 17th in the NFL. Last year, the Ravens defense was cited as a liability after folding in the fourth quarter to several teams including Green Bay, Chicago, and Buffalo.

Some may speculate that making a move for a playmaking offensive player would have been best after the offense embarrassed itself as bad as it did last year, but there’s no disputing that this was a defensive unit that was in need for an upgrade as well.

The inside linebacker position has needed to be revamped ever since the retirement of Ray Lewis, and although Daryl Smith has been nothing short of a solid starter, he’s clearly not the long term solution the Ravens are hoping for in C.J. Mosley, and Arthur Brown.

The move makes sense especially after right tackle, Zach Martin was taken off the board by the Dallas Cowboys, just one pick before the Ravens. The offensive tackle was reportedly highly coveted by the Ravens and many analysts had him going to Baltimore.

However, Ozzie Newsome later revealed that C.J. Mosley was the top guy in the front offices’ eyes and that they had Mosley ranked as a top 10 pick on their board. Mosley was the first inside linebacker taken off the board by any team in the draft.

With day two of the NFL draft on the way, many are excited to find out how the Ravens will continue to improve their team and whether those improvements will come to the offensive or defensive side of the ball.

Personally, I would expect to see additions to the offensive line and safety in the middle rounds, and then a reach for a halfback, wide receiver, or cornerback in the later rounds.

Will the Ravens have the personnel they need to return to greatness in 2014-2015? Only time will tell.

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