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NBA Playoff Predictions– Second Round

Here is the rundown of the games happening this week in the NBC Playoffs, with my predictions:

Washington Wizard vs. Indiana Pacers – My original series prediction is not going how I predicted it to go– the Pacers are up in the series 3-1, so from the looks of it the Washington Wizards are going to lose this series.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder – This series prediction is actually going the way I predicted it to go. The series is tied up at 2-2, but my prediction is still staying the same and I’m still going for the Clippers to win the series because they’re just playing really good basketball.

Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets – This series prediction is also going the way me (and a lot of other people) predicted it to go. Miami is winning in the series, 3-1, but basically, this series is kind of over for the Brooklyn Nets. They will need some serious magic to happen if they want to beat the Heat.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers – This is another series prediction that is not going to end the way I expected it, because the Trail Blazers actually won a game, making the series 3-1. What most people expected was a 4-0 sweep by the Spurs– however, the Trail Blazers are not letting that happen. My prediction still stands that the San Antonio Spurs will win the series.
 More playoff talk from Malik is coming up! Stay tuned.

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