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Brangelina Finally Ties the Knot

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Is this wedding bigger than the royal wedding was?

Brangelina finally tied the knot! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met back in 2004, and there were many speculations that they were dating after the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. After being married to Jennifer Aniston for four years, Aniston filed for divorce from Brad.

Pitt and Jolie began dating in 2005, because Angelina didn’t believe in seeing married men. Approximately 10 years later they’ve had six children, traveled all around the world, helped the less fortunate, and made their families happy.

Even through Angelina’s health scare with cancer they made it through. Even though they dated for many years, they never made marriage their top priority. They simply focused on the love that they had for one other, instead of a ring.

The wedding took place on August 23, 2014 at the couple’s estate in France. It was a very private and intimate wedding, so small that only 20 people were able to attend the wedding, including their families.

Their children were heavily involved in their wedding. “Jolie was given away by Maddox and Pax, and Knox helped with the rings, which were designed by their good friend Robert Procop,” a source told E! News. Their daughters, Zahara and Vivienne, held baskets of roses and other flowers that they picked themselves in their own garden.

Angelia wore a tailored dress by Luigi Massi, who is the maker of all things tailoring at Atelier Versace. He was able to sew a dozen designs on her dress based on designs her children created for her veil and dress.

“Luigi is like family to me and I couldn’t imagine anyone else making this dress,” Jolie tells People magazine. “He knows and cares for the children and it was great fun putting it together.”

People has the exclusive photos of the wedding, where you can see the unique dress for yourself.

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Brangelina Finally Ties the Knot