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Apple Users Either Love or Hate the New iOS8

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Last week, the release of iOS 8 was a big hit with Apple users around the world. Everyone who has an Apple device can now get the new update, but, is it really worth it?

A few of the new features include new photo and multimedia message options, new designs, Spotlight Search, quick type, family sharing, iCloud drive, the Apple health app, and continuity between devices. These are all new or improved features to the Apple products. I’ve heard some good and bad things about this new update.

People around the world have been having some complaints about the IOS update. Some of those complaints consist of movie playback and iMessage issues and missing keyboard options. Apple has not yet addressed these issues publicly.

Some people have suggested to delete and unnecessary storage and turn their phone on and off. I’ve asked my friends about the download. My friend, Indira Velez, said, “My download only took 10 minutes.”

If you’re in the process of downloading iOS 8 and there’s not enough storage on your phone, it will start deleting your contacts. Another thing I heard from students was that it kills your phone’s battery really fast. These people might just be unlucky, or there might be an actual glitch.

The pros of iOS 8 are that you can lock your apps, you can view who you’ve recently talked to and when you delete pictures they’re still on your phone in another folder. If you get a message, you can tap it and reply, rather the slide your screen.

There seem to be a few cons to downloading the update, according to some of the people around AHS. So, for those of you who have an Apple product, is it worth it?

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Apple Users Either Love or Hate the New iOS8