Fun Time With Family– Leave the Electronics Behind

When you’re having fun time with your family, you shouldn’t be worried about who is texting you. You should be involved with what your family is doing when you’re on a vacation with them– so leave the electronics behind.

Whenever I go on vacation with my family, we aren’t allowed to be on our phones. We have to put them away and tell our friends that we will talk to them later. If my friends text me while I’m on vacation, I won’t usually even answer them.

When we went to Disney World, I left my phone in the hotel– partly so I wouldn’t lose it, but partly so I could spend time with just my family. Going on vacation with your family should about just that–family.

Whenever you have family time, you should always pick a vacation you want to make tradition. For example, you could go to Disney and go to South of the Border on the way. On a road trip, you can get a lot out of the time on the road, rather than taking an airplane.

Road trips are much better, because you don’t have to be rushed and you can spend a lot of time with your family. Airplanes are good for getting places quickly, but you take all the fun out of the trip!

So, in order to get the most out of a vacation with your family, make sure to leave the electronics at home and stay in the moment. Road trips are best; they take longer, but they let you get more out of the trip.