Eagles Lost Heartbreaker at Homecoming Game

On Friday, October 24, Aberdeen High School had their annual homecoming football game. Even though the Eagles were on the losing end, 27-0, everyone was still proud of how far they’ve come.

At the game against Havre De Grace, attendance was high. So many people showed up that Eagles fans had to sit in the visitor’s side bleachers! We went around the school and asked people what they thought about the game.

Coach Brooks, varsity football coach, said he thought that Havre de Grace played well, but that his players may have had other things on their mind with the dance coming up on Saturday.

We also asked a fan, Lisa Eller, a junior at AHS, and she said, “It sucked. It was a really depressing game, and there was no defense. It’s like all of our fans showed up and the Eagles never did.”

As for the players, many were very disappointed with how they played. Let’s hope the remaining two games are a much better turn out.