Why Do We Use Slang?

Whenever someone is too lazy to say a full sentence, or speak proper English they will just say something that is shorter or something that serves as a summation of the original phrase or statement. This is called slang.

Some people want to say slang because they want to be “cool” or because they are just too lazy to speak properly. Sometimes, it becomes the voice of a generation–certain slang phrases and words become quickly popular and wither out over time.

Some examples of slang are: instead of saying “you only live once,” one might say YOLO. Instead of saying “calm down,” they will say “chill.”

These words come out of nowhere, and they often originate from celebrities that make them up, or viral videos on Vine or YouTube.

So, should we stop being lazy and just speak proper English?

Or should we let the people who say it speak their mind and let them be?