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True Compassion: Gifts Keep Coming From Deceased Girl to Her Family

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Lily-Mae McKinstry was a ten year old girl who thought of others before herself more often than not, even at the least predictable of times. Lily-Mae was diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year and underwent intense radiotherapy.

The McKinstry family was surprised when shortly after Lily-Mae’s death, gifts began to be delivered to their home. The McKinstrys appreciate the gifts and each gift is seemingly specific to each family member.

“We get so excited whenever we see the postman, as we just can’t wait to see what he’ll deliver next,” says Vicki McKinstry, as told to

Lily-Mae took her father’s credit card information at some undetermined point and wrote down the information from the card. She then proceeded to purchase multiple gifts for her family members.

The gifts began showing up shortly after her death and the family was perplexed by the lavish purchases. The McKinstrys were relieved when they sorted through Lily-Mae’s things and found her father’s credit card information. Despite the relief of knowing Lily-Mae sent the gifts, the family was astonished at Lily-Mae’s actions.

The family could not imagine how their adolescent daughter thought to obtain her father’s credit card information to purchase these profligate gifts. Lily-Mae thought of her family and things she thought they needed this Christmas before she thought of her own health.

Lily-Mae knew she was sick, yet was expected to make it to Christmas. She didn’t. She passed away on November 7, 2014. The young, sweet, ten-year-old selfless Lily-Mae will not be forgotten, and her gifts will be cherished by the McKinstrys this Christmas.

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True Compassion: Gifts Keep Coming From Deceased Girl to Her Family