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Teen Gets 80K Retweets to Ask Friend’s Mom to Prom

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Anthony Pinnisi, a senior from Patriot High School in Virginia, tweeted his goal to take his friend Chloe Albright’s mother to his high school prom. Anthony simply tweeted, “Help a dude out,” says newspaper website DCBeacon, accompanied by three photos of Chloe’s mother as well as a screenshot of the message exchanged between Chloe and himself.

Chloe and Anthony discussed Anthony’s goal over messaging, and while Chloe didn’t think it would happen, they set number of retweets to make Anthony’s dream a reality at 500,000.

Anthony got more than 80,000 retweets in 24 hours. The tweet spread across the internet wildly, as ambitious goals and outrageous statements do.

Chloe Albright, however, seemed to have changed her mind about the idea of Anthony taking her mother to prom as it grew closer to a reality. Chloe tweeted, “If you RT’d Anthony’s tweet I don’t like you,” in an attempt to curb the prom date from actually happening.

Anthony was growing dangerously close to his goal in a matter of hours when his high school stepped in and took command. The school demanded Anthony remove the tweet from his twitter.

Anthony apologized,“My school asked me to take the tweet down, sorry to let everyone down,” says the Daily Mail, and he proceeded to remove the tweet.

Most found the prom proposal humorous, but a few did not. Anthony’s high school, obviously, did not, and Chloe changed her mind after it gained popularity to a negative perspective. Chloe’s mother’s reaction is unknown.

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Teen Gets 80K Retweets to Ask Friend’s Mom to Prom