YouTube Sensation Creates Own Skin Care Line

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YouTube sensation Trisha Paytas has finally reached a long-term dream of hers: creating her own skin care line! Although she’s already accomplished so many things at the age of 26, this was just the cherry on top.

Trish took to Twitter a while back saying that she had something in the works for her “Fishies” (fans & viewers) that she’d be announcing soon.

She took to her YouTube, with over one million subscribers, for an “Ask Trish” and  “Trish Skin Care Line” to announce that people could pre-order a three-set kit. The kit includes a body exfoliator polish, an anti-aging sunless tanner, and a shimmering body bronzer.

Instead of waiting around for summer, or baking yourself in a tanning booth, you can head over to Trish’s website and pick up the products to get yourself glowing.

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