Valentine’s Day is Coming!

On February 14 most couples celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some go out to eat, stay in and cuddle, and some go on a weekend getaway.

This day of romance is named for a Christian martyr and began in the Roman holiday  Lupercalia. Lupercalia was a pastoral festival that took place on February 13-15 to avert evil spirits and purify the city.

Today, we celebrate Valentine’s Day A LOT differently. Girls tend to ask for chocolate and big teddy bears from their “bae” and guys spend the whole week racking their minds with what more to do for their special someone. (FYI guys, it’s not that hard.)

Take it from a girl’s perspective– all we want is to be close to you and make memories with you on this “lovey” day. It’s a day to show how much you appreciate each other.

All the other materialistic stuff doesn’t show anything. So, guys, don’t go out and empty your pockets for your girl on some candy hearts and teddy bears that will probably end up in the corner of her room by next week.

She’ll love whatever you decide to do for her, no matter what it is. I asked some couples what they have planned for Valentine’s Day. When I asked Michael DuBois, he said, “My girl and I are going bowling and going out to eat then going back to her house to relax and cuddle.”

Valentine’s Day is a day to relax and have fun spending the day with your special someone. Whether you’re married or young and have a boyfriend, or even if you’re single, you can still get together with your girlfriends and have a good time.