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Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album Review

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album Review

Taylor Swift recently released her fifth studio album, “1989.” Before the official release, it was leaked and everyone gained full access to the new album without Swift’s explicit permission. But that didn’t stop the 24-year-old singer from still selling well–it sold 1.2 million copies in the first week!

Some fans and critics where highly disappointed with the album because of the new style–Swift made the change from country to pop. Unlike her hit single, “Shake it Off,” the other tracks had more of a pop infused sound to them.

Some fans, like fellow Blue and Gold staff member, Kellsey Dunn, love the new album. “Wonderful work. I like the change in the style of her music nowadays.,” Dunn said. “She’s chosen a new direction, which I respect.”

The album has 13 tracks in addition to the bonus tracks made available to anyone who purchases the new album from Target. The tracks are as follows:

  1. Welcome to New York
  2. Blank Space
  3. Style
  4. Out of the woods
  5. All you had to do was stay
  6. Shake it off
  7. I wish you would
  8. Bad  Blood
  9. Wildest Dreams
  10. How you get the Girl
  11. This Love
  12. I know Places
  13. Clean


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