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AHS Green Team Works

Have you ever wondered why Aberdeen High is so into recycling? With about 200 recycling bins in the school of both paper and plastic, we have a special little club in our school of planet heroes.

The Aberdeen High’s “Green Team,” run by Peter Scheu, goes around the school and gets the recycling every Wednesday and Friday after school, but, is that enough? Aberdeen has a huge green thumb when it comes to the environment from beautification day to just flat out recycling.

Our school even received a water bottle filler in 2012 because our school brought in so many soda cans. Recycling has been enforced so much lately that the bins are filling up before our Green Team has a chance to take them out.

“How is my recycling bin full already? It was just taken out this morning,” said Mrs. Dixon, Aberdeen High staff. “I think our school is really good at recycling but, I think a lot of people don’t know what’s recycling, and what isn’t. They [sic] bins are filled fast” said Njeri Mubia, senior.

So if you would like to do your par, and help out this beautiful school, then you should definitely consider joining the Green Team to keep this school in tip top shape. The students in the Green Team are definitely doing all they can, but everyone needs help sometimes.

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