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Spring Fever is Here

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Are you excited about spring? The warmer weather, the flowers, the family fun outside, and cleaning? There’s tons of fun things to do in the spring season, here’s a couple of ideas now to keep yourself busy until the real fun comes, summer.

One thing you could do in the spring time is go on a picnic. You could buy (or borrow) a nice basket for cheap, a blanket, some food, and find someone to go with. Its lots of fun, and who doesn’t want to eat some food outside with a loved one, or friend.

Another thing you could do is go ice skating. While everyone is outside sweating from the heat, you could go to Ice World or somewhere close, and stay cool while having a blast. The tickets are only $11.50, and only $8.50 if you have your own skates!

Cleaning is always a fun way to kick off the season. You could put away old throws from the winter, scrub the floors, air out the windows, or even just get yourself a little more organized. If you’re really hoping for a fresh look, maybe even paint the walls a bright pastel green, yellow, or even pink.

I went around the school and asked people what they like to do when spring time comes around, and here’s what Mrs. Jackson, secretary at Aberdeen High, said “I like to sit out on my deck, and cook out with family, and friends.”

“I like to start wearing dresses, and skirts. I also like all the spring patterns like flowers” said Allison Cooper, senior at Aberdeen high. I’m just excited to start seeing and smelling flowers all over the place, honestly.

A lot of people are excited for spring, even the ones with allergies like pollen, and grass. Once it starts getting warmer, there’s going to be a lot more to do outside, and prom is coming up for Aberdeen! Everyone will have a sunny glow to go along with their prom outfits.

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Spring Fever is Here