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New Emojis Released by Apple

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On April 8, 2015, Apple released the update iOS 8.3, which allowed users to pick out their skin tones for their Emojis. It’s much more diverse and realistic.

They’ve been talking about the update for a while now, and it finally happened. When picking a person Emoji, you can change the skin color from light to dark. A lot of people are really happy about this update, but is everyone?

Many things have been going on with Apple lately, and everyone that has an iPhone, or iPad, knows that they have a lot of updates, from the brand new iOS 7, to now–including the camera, the interface, new apps, and more. Now there are Emojis with a variety of skin tones for everything to be more diverse.

I went around the school and asked people what they thought about the Emoji update, and here’s what Allison Cooper, a senior at Aberdeen High School said. “I think it’s dumb, and unnecessary. If you get offended because a little picture doesn’t have different skin tones, then I don’t know what to think.”

“I think they’re pretty cool, I mean, a lot of people have an iPhone obviously, so now they can stop complaining about it and use what they want when they text,” said Neil Doty, a junior at Aberdeen High School.

There you have it. Some people care, some people don’t. It really depends on how you personally feel about it at the end of the day. Alyssa Plitt, a freshman at Aberdeen High School, said, “I feel like it was a good idea, I can’t wait for the next update.”

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New Emojis Released by Apple