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College Prep: Life on Your Own

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College is a big step and for many, it is a terrifying one. Out of all high school graduates (100%) only 65.9% enroll in college after high school. These numbers are significantly low considering demands of the workforce today but have risen significantly in past years.

Some college students provide tips for success for those that are going into the wild world of college. We collected this information from,, and

1. Be your own person

Your parents won’t be there to defend you. And…even if they can be, it’s not entirely suggested that you allow them to be for maximum respect among the

2. Join Clubs

You probably learned this in high school, but clubs are actually important. The best part is you don’t have to stay in them if you don’t like them, either. Commit all your attention to the one[s] you like the most, don’t waste your time on stuff you hate anymore.

 3. Actually Study

The difference in college is you’re paying to get an education, meaning it’s a little more serious. You’re not shooting for a great “grade” anymore. The education matters a bit more. Study, ask questions, take advantage of professor’s office hours, and participate in activities and classes.

4. Call your parents

For many, your parents are funding your education and living, so, call them. It means more than you think.

 5. Keep an open mind

Living with someone (roommate[s]) is different. You won’t always get along so you’re going to have to figure it out in a civil way (that’s not the way you handle it with your siblings).

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College Prep: Life on Your Own