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Graduation: The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

High school graduation, for most people, is one of the best days of their lives, considering it marks the end of 12 years of schooling and childhood. For some, they continue on to a higher education, while others take full advantage of the new-found freedom!

This year, the Class of 2015 will be the very first class of Aberdeen High School to have the privilege of graduating from Harford Community College. This only adds to the excitement of the seniors at AHS as well. With their caps and gowns are arriving, it feels like it can’t come quick enough.

However, not all of the seniors are sharing this excitement with rumors circling that as many as 45 chairs have already been pulled from the graduating class. This means they have not met the credentials in order to receive their high school diploma.

Now, while it isn’t confirmed there are actually 45 chairs that have been pulled, Corey Sullivan spoke with me to tell me what he thinks. When asked how he felt about possibly not graduating, he stated, “Yeah, I’m definitely not graduating. I’ll just move and do high school somewhere else.”

As you see, this isn’t a celebratory time for all AHS seniors.

On to a brighter note, many students are excited for the future to come, after graduating from going off to college and no longer living at home– to not having to wake up quite as early. Who’s not going to appreciate being able to sleep in?

Students have talked about all the different things they plan to do after high school because, as you know, college isn’t for everyone. Or, even if they do plan on attending college, it doesn’t need to be right away in the fall. Senior, Quincy Johnson, when asked what his plans were, stated, “I’m going to work, and go off to college next fall.”

Whether it’s to make money or just to relax, taking a year off isn’t the worst idea.

Graduation is white dresses, a big ceremony and the end to a chapter in every teenager’s life, as well as the very beginning to another. No matter what your plans for after, just remember to enjoy this day with your families and friends. Above all, be proud of yourself–you deserve it.

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