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Mucking Up the Movies

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Movies are supposed to be a good time immersing yourself in another world, but sometimes it’s hard to do when other patrons of the theater are bringing reality to attention.

Dear Rude Movie People, here are some helpful tips for you.

Get off your phone.

Your screen is bright and you are annoying; we want to see the screen, not your stupid face. If you need to take a call, go in the hall– no one is paying to hear your conversation and no one wants to.

Choose your seat with care.

If there are a million seats available, maybe going with the one right next to, in front of, or anywhere in the general vicinity of the only other person there is not the most thoughtful way to go. They are comfortable there, without you–maybe they will put their feet up and chill. Find your own chill area.

A thoughtful insight comes from Hailey Brun, who says, “I don’t want some giraffe sitting in front of me when they could be sitting in front of someone else.”

Be aware of who is around you.

If someone is in front of you, don’t put your feet on their chair. Don’t put your feet on the chair next to them. Either pull your stinky feet up to sit on them, or keep them on the ground.

If someone is in a seat, then don’t touch it. They have staked their claim and don’t be a rude invader of nations. Leave that to the Fire Lord!

Eat your food.

Say it with me: food is food, not projectiles. Keep your food to yourself, if you could be so kind.

Isadora Fink explains, “I hate it when I’m sitting in my chair and there is popcorn crunching underneath my feet.”

I understand your pain, Ms. Fink. A dirty, messy theater ruins the illusion of a nice trip off to a new reality.

Be quiet.

No one wants to hear the conversation with your boyfriend. No one wants you to lean over four seats to tell everyone your life story.

So with a little bit of luck (and possibly a sprinkle of pixie dust), maybe you can go from Rude Movie Person to Respectable Movie Watcher.

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Mucking Up the Movies