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A Holiday Oxymoron: Unique Traditions

Julian Murray and Olivia Griffin

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The holidays are a special time of year to do special things with your family and to make special memories. Every family is different, so it is given that each family has their own tradition around the time of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Big or small, every family celebrates a little different from the family next door–or, a lot differently.

AHS students and teachers told us about how they celebrate their holidays, and any especially unique traditions they might have.

The holiday season is kicked off by Thanksgiving. SMA student Taylor Miller said that every Thanksgiving he runs a 5k with his brother. That’s more room for the dinner later!

AHS teacher Mrs. Lewandowski says, “My mom’s family has a pie contest. All the women make different fruit pies. The people who don’t cook, who are mainly the men, are the judges.

“There’s this rolling pin in the family, and whoever wins the pie contest gets there name engraved onto the rolling pin, under all the other winners of past years. You get to keep the rolling pin for a year.”

We had three different students say they go to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, and many say all they do on Christmas is open presents.

“I be eatin’,” says varsity football player Rocko Hillhouse. Personally, that phrase is the first thing that comes to mind when most students think of thanksgiving.

Another teacher, Mr. Polack, says, his family had a traditional Thanksgiving. “We used to have these neighbors, and every Thanksgiving all the women in our families would get together and cook, and bond over cooking.

“Meanwhile, the men would go out and do something fun. On Christmas, we would all go to a movie.”

Student Holly Fernandez says, “In my family we put a pickle in a tree, and whoever finds it, gets an extra present.”

Holidays are not always about what you do or what you get, but who you spend it with–although what you do and what you get helps.

We would like to wish you all a happy holiday season, from Journalism I’s Olivia Griffin and Julian Murray.








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A Holiday Oxymoron: Unique Traditions