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Winter Musical Begins Auditions, Rehearsals

Alicia Rae Brickey

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Auditions for the winter musical, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, directed by Mr. Real occurred on December 9 and 10. The cast list has been made, and is posted after school on Monday, December 14.

Open auditions were held in the Black Box  and there were call backs on Friday, December 10. An audition form was required to be submitted to Mr. Real in the Black Box in order to try out.

Before coming to auditions, actors needed to look into the song. Though memorization was not required, being familiar with the material was very important to a successful audition. The audition song, pulled from the musical “Guys and Dolls,” was “Fugue for Tinhorns” and could be easily found on YouTube.

Melissa Seek, a senior who has been in every production since freshman year, explains, “The audition can be very nerve-wracking for many reasons, one being the element of the unknown. You never know how an audition is going to go.”

Will he ask you to change something about the way you auditioned in order to see if you can portray a certain quality in a role? Will you have an unexplainable mess up that ruins the audition entirely? No one can know exactly what is going to happen; actors needed to just relax and enjoy the process.

This is an extracurricular, not the end of life as we know it!

However, actors who auditioned still needed to focus and remember a few tips:

-When auditioning, you may have to move in ways that some clothes won’t allow, so be sure you are wearing loose fitting clothing that you can move around in.

-With Mr. Real’s productions, he works hard to take the conflicts you give him on your initial audition form to be sure you can make it to as many rehearsals as possible. Productions are a commitment, and if you cannot commit the time then this isn’t the production for you.

“Working with Real is a real challenge, but I appreciate it as it will help me in the future,” Lexi Eure tells.

The different parts include Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Schroeder, Linus van Pelt, Sally Brown, Lucy van Pelt, and Patty.

Clear your calendar now for Wednesday and Thursday, December 16-17, for the first rehearsals that will begin at 2:30. Be sure you will be able to come–the musical will occur a mere two months away on February 26 and 27.

The festival NETFEST is coming up soon, as well, but fortunately, if desired, participating in both is possible. There will be a main stage performance directed by Ms. Coverstone that can be auditioned for.

If one does not believe they will be able to do main stage and the musical, NETFEST also offers plenty of adjudications and classes that can be taken during the two days, usually Valentine’s Day weekend.

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Winter Musical Begins Auditions, Rehearsals