Do Teens Get Enough Sleep?


Michael Denu

People need at least eight and half hours of sleep per night. How much do you get?

The sleep habits of teenagers is one of the most controversial topics regarding sleep. Teens are the primary victims of being sleep deprived. For example, student Keadon Nixon says, “I probably only get to about 5-6 hours of sleep per night.”

Many studies show that 15% of teens get at least 8-10 hours of sleep, which means that 85% of teens do not get enough sleep. Many consequences can come from not getting enough sleep daily.

A major problem is not being able to concentrate or focus during studies. Katelyn Burdette says, “I noticed that I am not able to focus on a lot of my school work if I don’t get enough sleep.”

Getting sleep is essential for bodily functions to actually work properly. Another problem that could occur is weight gain– you eat a lot more because of boredom and lack of energy.

There are many ways for people to stop having sleep problems– one way is sticking to a certain sleep routine. You should eat, drink or exercise before bedtime. If you stick to quiet and or calm activities, you can fall asleep faster.