Does the New Star Wars Deliver?

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Does the New Star Wars Deliver?

Grace Mandel

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On Thursday, December 17, 2015, the first public screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens played in theaters was sold out everywhere. Screenings were packed with fans and excitement as the previews played.

The return of the Star Wars series is causing a lot of commotion. Fans from all ages are planning to see the movie and have high expectations. Some are even getting ready by watching all the previous movies.

Mrs. Milnes, teacher and super fan, said “Yes, yes, yes! I went to the marathon.”

The new film is already being talked about when most people haven’t even seen it. Star Wars is arguably one of the most popular series of all time, especially if you ask a fan.

But with all these movies, choosing a favorite can be tough. If you find yourself having a hard time choosing one, you have the same problem that many other fans face.

Mrs. Milnes said, “The new one is my new favorite, it used to be The Empire Strikes Back.”

Mrs. Lewandowski said, “Empire Strikes Back, right now.”

Antwaun, a student at Aberdeen High, said “The Clone Wars.”

Mr. Schatz said “A New Hope” is his favorite.

With a new movie, there comes new characters. But fans will always love the original characters who hold a special place in their hearts and childhood.

Mrs. Milnes said, “Han Solo.”

Antwaun said Darth Vader is still his favorite.

Mr. Schatz said, “Yoda.”

“Boba Fett,” said Mr. Freda.

The new film includes something that every fan can appreciate. It combines new and older ideas and concepts. Fans are going to love the new movie, as it is reviewed as being extremely well-executed and fitting perfectly into the series.