Will People Still Choose Chipotle?


Michael Denu

Recently, there has been a huge E. coli outbreak across the nation at Chipotle Mexican grill.

The FDA and CDC has linked Chipotle’s food to this huge outbreak. They found at least 52 people with the norovirus in a stretch of nine states. There has been reported to be at least 20 people hospitalized because of the virus.

After being served a subpoena by the grand jur,y Chipotle must attend a court date. With this, they are being investigated with criminal charges.

Ray Rembold says, “I don’t think Chipotle will be shut down, but I think it will be a while until they regain full popularity again.”

Chipotle’s sales are also decreasing, and people are wondering how the corporation is going to recover from it. Sales has dropped at least 14.6% at certain locations, according to several news outlets.

The head businessmen at Chipotle have been thinking about several options. One option they suggested is that instead of making the food at each Chipotle location, all food would be made at a central location and it would be shipped out to all the locations.

Tyler, a student, says, “I think at a time down the road I would eat Chipotle again, but as of right now I won’t.”