13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Review

Directed by Michael Bay, 13 Hours is a movie based on the secret base of paid contractors, AKA the Annex Security Team, in Benghazi, Libya. 13 Hours stars John Krasinski (Jack), James Badge Dale (Rone), Pablo Schreiber (Tanto), Max Martini (Oz), Toby Stephens (Bub), Dominic Fumusa (Tig), and David Denman (Boon). These men play as the six men apart of the Annex Security Team. The movie is two hours and 24 minutes long and has a good mixture of “down time,” or explanation of the main plot, and the rest is the action part of the movie. Michael Bay skillfully displays the relationship of the Team and the CIA. The movie was very entertaining and presented the war-related content extremely well. It was realistic and truly captured the intensity of war. This is one of Michael Bay’s best movies, in my opinion. This is a must-see movie!