Super Variety


After predominately making movies showcasing Batman and Superman, DC Comics has released the statement that there are new movies coming out soon that will be showcasing some of their other characters.

For the past couple years, there have been a lot of rumors about when a Flash movie will be coming out, each time being pushed back as soon as it got close. This time, however, the release seems to be much more official. DC even announced that Perks of Being a Wall Flower’s Ezra Miller will be playing Barry Allen.

It is scheduled to come out alongside Aquaman in 2018.

Aquaman will be played by Jason Momoa with Amber Heard playing Mera. While extremely powerful, the hero seems to be often underrated. How this movie plays out might be a deciding factor in the mass view of him–not that there is any pressure.

Two years later, movies for Cyborg and Green Lantern will be released. Ray Fisher will be playing Victor Stone, but it has not been released who will be playing Green Lantern.

While only Green Lantern and Flash have had movies, movies that seemed to have low impact if not a negative one, all have had large roles in various cartoons, and some new live action TV shows, that DC Comics has produced.

Hopefully, this will provided the needed support to get the sales to keep his streak going.