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Get Your Bun Poppin!

Grace Mandel

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Messy and lazy, slicked and low, or sleeked down and poppin’, buns come in all different shapes and sizes and they’re here to stay.

Buns are a way of life and a bad bun can ruin your morning, or even your day. If you’re out and trying to slay, the last thing you need is your donut showing from underneath your hair. This is why you need to find out the perfect products for your products for your hair and your style.

I went around and asked people what they use to make their buns poppin’ and here’s what I heard…

Ciara, sophomore at Aberdeen, said “I use gel and edge control, make sure you use your comb and brush!”

Amber, junior at Aberdeen, said “Edge control, my wire brush, a donut, and hairspray.”

It’s not always about your hair products that you use, but also the style you’re looking to achieve. Different styles require different products and techniques to get your bun looking right. A messy bun won’t use as much time or hair products as a sock bun would.

If you’re going for a more put together look and trying to dress up, then a sock bun would go perfectly with your look. But if you’re running late somewhere and just trying to wear sweatpants, then I wouldn’t suggest a huge sleeked down bun that’ll take a while.

I went around and also asked people when they put their hair in buns…

Ciara said “When I’m just chilling or if my hair get crazy. Can’t trust this humidity out here.”

Amber said “Whenever, mostly if it’s raining or if I don’t have time to get ready. Or, when I’m going out and need my hair up.”

I know I wear a bun either when I wake up late and don’t have time to get ready or when I feel like slaying. Sometimes I don’t want my hair in my face, as you can see everyone has their own reasons for their hairstyles.

Everybody does theirs differently and I wouldn’t say that there’s a certain technique that you have to do or a certain product that you have to use. However, there certainly are some tips and tricks that make getting ready much easier.

Ciara said “Don’t forget to use your edge control and slick it down real nice, no one like fly-a-ways.”

Amber said “Make sure you actually have hair for a bun.”

Finding your right bun can be a long but rewarding process. I suggest trying out all different styles, it’s the best way to find your favorite and also the one that best suits you. But never be scared to own your favorite hairstyle.

Playing around with different hairstyles lets you express who you are and your personal style.

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  1. Vanessa Claude on May 6th, 2016 9:48 pm

    Nice tips, it’s a good way to try and help out your fellow females.


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Get Your Bun Poppin!