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AHS Participates in the 10 Day Film Challenge

Alicia Rae Brickey

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Aberdeen High School’s drama three class is participating in the 10 Day Film Challenge. This challenge tests their skills in writing, acting, lighting, music, editing, directing, and other various skills.

On day one of the challenge, March 3, 2016, the students received the options of two genres. One was randomly selected, utopia/ dystopia, and one was given as an alternative, musical. The students chose to do a utopian/dystopian fiction.

Along with a genre a character, backstory, prop, and line was given; these had to be used clearly and exactly so that they would not be disqualified.

Once they had obtained the information, designated writers Harlan Jenkins and Brittney began writing the script. The name, TEA.

As they wrote, after characters had been worked out, the director Melissa Seek began her casting processes and Skye Trotter began looking into costumes.

After auditions and debate it was decided that Maria and Ashley Lindsay would play the two main characters with Lindsay as the lead: Edith Roe. They would where conservative style clothing that would match the society’s attitude.

When filming began, editors Olivia Larbi and Mikenna Miller were called in with music advisor Will to be given a make-over to become corpses. Alicia Rae Brickey, production manager, Melissa Seek, and Skye Trotter worked on the actors respectively to give them different looks to represent different stages in the decaying process.

As filming continued, Mikenna Miller and Olivia Larbi worked on editing in order to have it done in time for the deadline, March 16, 2016.

Keep an ear out for the results of the competition. You can find out more info about the challenge at!

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AHS Participates in the 10 Day Film Challenge