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Which Pathway is Right for You?

Khalyn Stevens

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The business pathway at AHS is the most “go-to” out of all the pathways for students. I took the business pathway, simply because it’s something I want to do in college and for the rest of my life. I particularly want to be a business marketer for a business company.

Business is a major key point in my life. It deals a lot of the requirements that I struggle in, but I like a good challenge in life. Once I have my mind set on something that I want to do, I like to strive to achieve it.

Business classes teach you real-life practical skills that can help you succeed. For example, you can take computer classes, management classes, economics classes, and marketing classes which are all in the business pathway.

Computer class helps your knowledge of how to work a computer, keyboarding skills, and different software programs to create documents and other important work forms. You may also learn to organize data and have good technology skills throughout your life.

Management class helps provide and understand your leadership, problem solving, planning, and communication skills. Management classes consist of accounting and personal finance, those classes how to analyze business transactions, prepare finance statements, and create budgets.

Economics classes helps you with structure and operations in the economy. According to several online economics classes, some topics you could study are scarcity and opportunity costs, the role of prices in the economy, study the operations and trends of the labor market, and learn to calculate gross domestic product, consumer price index and the unemployment rate.

Marketing classes can help you learn about market research, product planning and entrepreneurship. You might also learn about human relations and business math in these marketing classes.

Business classes could help you with your life endeavors and help you with your job in the far future. So, what pathway will you choose in high school?

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Which Pathway is Right for You?