Gov. Hogan Orders School to Start after Labor Day

Kirsten Harris

On Wednesday, August 31, Maryland governor Larry Hogan made an executive order to start schools after Labor Day beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.

The signed executive order will require all of Maryland’s public schools to begin after Labor Day, and the schools will complete the law’s requirerd 180 days of school while being dismissed by June 15th.

This year, at Aberdeen High, we started school on August 26, and we usually don’t finish the school year until the last few weeks of June, because of all the snow days. Along with a majority of Maryland school, we start at the end of August.

For me, starting school after Labor Day is a chance for us students to get our last few days of summer in, before starting our school year. A later start date will make all students and staff grateful for their summer breaks.