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When Citizens Film the Police

Shawn Jefferson

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Unlawful Manslaughter committed by a police officer is pretty odd, right?

You would think the nation would feel almost perfectly comfortable having these people volunteer to protect the lives of U.S citizens. Their job is to instill peace and keep our nation unharmed from terrorist threats and the everyday “bad guys” while having the skills and knowledge of how to pursue and solve risky situations involving criminals properly.

Not saying this is the case, but not speaking upon reality shouldn’t be slandered. If arguing an ongoing event of specifically similar cases are viewed unnecessary, then how is this “One nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”? These are questions that arose when thinking about the topic, “When Citizens film the police, does anything change?”.

This is about more than race itself, more than whether I or others feel as though it’s a nation where there is good cop vs. bad cop. It’s more over whether as a nation, we view the situation that is unavoidable and blatantly in our faces. Maybe we should really focus on the situation rather than brushing it aside. Maybe we should be coming up with effective ideas of how to prevent these events.

How do you feel, as a nation, we should go about the situations we face today?   Multiple shootings from the officers, whom consider themselves afraid of the bad guy or threatened, using self-defense to take the life of another.

Cameras today are the new source of World Journalism. Just by recording, we can inherit as much information needed to see the right from wrong because it obviously shows the situation. Cameras show the true situation, not one that someone can make up.

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When Citizens Film the Police