Christmas Break


Tomi Pajunen

Khalyn Stevens

Break is defined as a pause in work or during an activity or event. Break is something students look forward to throughout the school year. Most students, like myself, look forward mostly to Winter break.

Winter break is the most exciting break out of the whole year. We, as students, have the ability to hang around our loved ones, go gift shopping, and travel to different states or even different countries.

Hanging around your loved ones during Christmas year can be really fun. Now some people might not have gotten along with their family members this year, but Christmas itself can bring a family together. I know that on Christmas I tend to spend it with my whole family, or sometimes just with my mom, dad, and brother. Me and my family usually play fun board games or watch a Christmas movie on Christmas eve. Just being with your family members can bring joy to your Winter break.

Another reason why Winter break is my favorite, is that I get time to shop for myself and also for my friends and family. Most items/products are on sale for BOGO or half price off, which is a bonus to get more clothes for school. Also, I love shopping with friends so they can help me pick out gifts for my family members much easier. I asked one of my closest friends, Lavasia Wilson to state what is her opinion about Christmas shopping, she said “I kind of like Christmas shopping, but the sad part about it is you can’t open the presents right away, or you never know what you’re going to get”.

Traveling during break is the most fun thing to do. This year I am going to New York for the very first time. Traveling to different states and countries can be fun. You get to see how they decorate their cities and how they celebrate Christmas.

Overall, I think Winter break is a wonderful time for everyone and no matter what you choose to do with your time off from school, you always seem to enjoy it.