What’s Wrong with Being Confident?


Grace Mandel and Jermira Thomas

As the song goes, “What’s wrong with being, what’s wrong with being confident?”

To some people, being confident in themselves or things that they do come naturally for them, but for others it doesn’t come so naturally. Confidence is your belief in your ability to succeed whether it be something outrageous like sky diving, or simple like finishing a book or opening a pickle jar.

Confidence can easily be boosted when you experience a “dub” or get a compliment from a friend or stranger. However, it can be lowered just as easily when you’re criticized, rejected, or if thing just aren’t going as planned and you take a “L.”

Taylor, freshman at Aberdeen, said, “Sometimes yes but sometimes no. I just have those days when I don’t feel pretty enough.”

Kiesha, junior at Aberdeen, said, “Yes I would but it took me a long time to be confident in myself and my physical appearance.”

Deisha, freshman at Aberdeen, said, “Yes, I’m very confident in myself but I slowly learned to be confident in myself it wasn’t something that I just had automatically.”

Ways to boost your confidence can be taking time in your physical appearance, doing things that make you happy, or fixing things you don’t like about yourself. It’s easy to say you want to be confident but you have to put in work and better yourself to feel better about yourself. Thinking and acting positively about yourself and those around you, positive energy leads to positive outcomes. Try to avoid thinking or negative self-talk that can make you feel less confident about yourself.

Taylor said, “Doing my makeup and dressing up it just helps me feel pretty, like a princess or something.”

Keisha said, “My hair, doing my hair a certain way or just getting my hair done is a real confidence booster for me its just another thing for me to like about myself.”

Justin, sophomore at Aberdeen, said,” My friends definitely help me like my life they’ve helped me get through a lot and without them I’d probably be depressed.”

Deisha said, “How I dress, looking in the mirror and seeing myself in a good outfit and looking nice and put together definitely helps me like myself.”

When you look good you feel good. When getting dressed for school, work, or just going out to have fun wear something that makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid to try new accessories, colors, or styles. Wearing clothing that makes you feel good is a great self-esteem booster. Keeping up with your personal hygiene also plays a part in being confident, as in showering, combing/washing/brushing/styling your hair, or doing your nails.

Surrounding yourself with positive things in your life can help with your confidence, as well as being around positive people and those who want to see you do good in life can easily give you a confidence boost. Being around positive people who enjoy your company will make you feel better about yourself. Being in positive state of mind can help you develop more confidence and peace within yourself.

Taylor said, “Love yourself, don’t think badly off yourself, think positive thoughts and try to avoid negative vibes.”

Keisha said, “Ignoring the haters, get rid of so called “friends” who don’t have your best interest at heart.”

Justin said, “Definitely having a strong support system, surround yourself with people who want to see you do good and love you.”

Deisha said, “Reminding or saying to yourself how good you look will help boost self-esteem. It helped me.”

Certain types of music can affect your confidence as well, listen to music that puts you in a good mood or just makes you happy in general. Having a positive outlook on your life/day can help with your confidence and put you in a positive mindset.

Practice makes perfect, if you practice being self-confidence and soon it’ll come to you naturally. At the end of the day if you love yourself, confidence will come easily for you.