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Should There Be Naptime in High School?

Zachary Cottrell, Guest Writer

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High school students go through a lot during those long four years. Between school, responsibilities, personal life and social life, life can be very stressful and chaotic, not to mention some kids work on top of that. With all this going on, statistics show that most students get less than five hours of sleep per night.

According to an article on the Center for Advancing Health website, only about 8% of students in high school get proper sleep each night, and this could lead to daytime drowsiness, depression, headaches, loosing focus, and poor performance at school.

National Sleep Foundation research shows that delaying school start-times by an hour or more increases the amount of sleep adolescents get and improves their performance in school, but another alternative is for high schools to have a naptime.

After I saw this, I decided to ask some people around the school what they thought about this and this is some of what they said.

When I questioned a student, Franklin Shedleski, he had this to say: “Yeah, I could definitely use more sleep. High school students don’t sleep enough, and some of my classes turn into nap time anyways.”

Michael Amabile had a similar response. “I am for the idea of there being a nap time in high school. I feel we wake up to early and we need some time to relax during the day, make sure we’re working at top capacity.”

He also stated, “I feel like nap time will reduce fatigue which will in a result increase test scores and productivity in school. Teachers and faculty will benefit too, because the students will become more productive. In addition, they will have extended time for planning, grading, and doing whatever they have to do so they can get out of school earlier and be with their families.”

Most people liked this idea, but not everyone was in favor for this.

A student, Vijay Modi said, “I’m against this completely! Students often go to bed late or for various reasons don’t go to bed on time resulting in them being exceptionally tired in school, so if they did have nap time in school they would take advantage of this.”

One teacher was not in favor of naptime, either. She said, “I think students have ample amounts of time to sleep at home, after school and at night, so I don’t think that it needs to be done during the school day.”

The students who were in favor of naptime gave a variety of responses for how long naptime should be. One response said between 20 and 30 minutes. Another said a full hour and a half, but sleep experts say that a 10-20 minute power nap is good for an energy boost that will get you recharged for school, work or any other activities. Anything longer than that will result in grogginess throughout your day. spoke to Brandy Roane, an expert in adolescent sleep patterns at the Munroe-Meyer Institute of Genetics and Rehabilitation of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She said, “Given adolescents’ downward spiraling tendency of depriving themselves of sleep during the week and playing catch-up on the weekend, more research exploring ways to intervene would be beneficial.”

With all that said, naptime has many benefits to students and teachers, and come on–who doesn’t love naps! What is your opinion on this?

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Should There Be Naptime in High School?