Where is Winter?

Where is Winter?

Tanisha Grimsley, Guest Writer

It is 12:39 P.M., and according to Weather.com, it is currently 65 degrees Fahrenheit with the high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit. What wonderful weather on this sunny spring day! However, we are not only still in the winter season, but we are still in the month of February.

Last year, the average high temperature in Aberdeen was 41 degrees Fahrenheit, with a total snowfall of 29.49 inches. However, this year the average temperature was 28.2 degrees Fahrenheit with a total of .12 inches. In addition, the highest February temperature in 2016 was 61 degreees Fahrenheit while this year the high was 70 degrees Fahrenheit, according to usclimatedata.org.

Here in Aberdeen, we have been experiencing unusual warm weather, making students and teachers ache for any chance at getting a snow day– even though this weather is quite pleasurable.

As far as the reason for these spring-like days, weather.com stated that, “This current round of warmth is courtesy of an upper-level ridge of high pressure that has developed, as the jet stream surges northward toward the Canadian border.”

When asked if she thought that not having snow days would be beneficial, Ms. Reese stated that it would be, because if we got out on June 7 we could have a longer summer.

Ms. Jones said, “Well, yeah, we’d get out early; we would have a longer summer. Although, the seniors wouldn’t like that as much because…they only get out a couple of days before everybody else.”

In addition to having a longer summer vacation, we could possibly have a full spring break, which most people probably do not remember having in Harford County.

When asked if she remembered having a full spring break, Ms. Reese said, “Not while I went to school in Harford County or worked in Harford County, but when I was in Baltimore County we had a whole week for spring break every year.”

We may just have to see how the rest of winter will play out. According to Groundhog.org, we are supposed to have six more weeks of winter.

Some of us may still be hoping for a snow day. As Mrs. Boyd stated, “I’ll be happy to get out a day or two.” However, we may be have to wait a few more weeks until April to finally get a day off.