Prom Prep

Julian Murray, Olivia Griffin

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There’s a lot that goes into prom for both girls and boys. Although prom was earlier this month, the memory of the overwhelming task of getting ready for prom is still fresh in the minds of Aberdeen students.

Looking good for prom isn’t only about looking good for the actual dance; prom pictures, which are usually taken before you leave to go to the dance, will be seen forever, so it is also important for students to be ready for that, as well.

Most students said that prom can be very expensive, with dresses ranging up to $700, according to Aberdeen students, and makeup and nails costing a potential $200. For many girls, it cost close to $100 dollars to get their hair done professionally.

And those prices don’t even include the ticket, which was $70 here at Aberdeen. Tickets are even more expensive at other schools that have fancier venues and school-sponsored after parties.

Some people know everyone they need to know to get everything done for free. If you know someone who does hair or makeup, you might be able to get it done for free. If you’re lucky enough to know someone who makes dresses, you may be able to get that free or at a reduced cost, too.

Preparing for prom takes a lot of planning. One missed element could throw your whole look off. It’s very important to be well-coordinated–especially with your date.

Many students had a lot to do to prepare for the big day.

The day before the dance, Zaria Adkins, a junior, said, “I have to get my nails done in Bel Air, I have to get my hair curled, then get my face done in Baltimore, and I’m getting my face done in Baltimore which will cost $75. I’m getting my eyebrows done at Ulta in Bel Air.”

Zaria also had her dress made by someone she knew, which saved her money.

Another student at Aberdeen said, “The day before I’m getting my hair done, and then I have to go to the store to get new shoes because I don’t like them. My mom is going to do do my makeup and my hair and then I’m going to Havre de Grace to take pictures.”

For boys, prom preparations are slightly different and “easier,” according to some girls. One female student said that because boys’ overall style is different from girls, they don’t have to worry about all the little things that take girls so much time.

The main thing boys said they were concerned about for prom was making sure their hair was cut, having their suit fitted, which doesn’t usually take too much time, and making sure their prom night was a night to remember with their friends.

In addition, a key factor for a boy’s prom preparation was to come to prom smelling good. A shower, deodorant, and cologne was necessary for boys to be prepared.

Prom night was a night for AHS students to dress up, go out and have fun with their friends–but most of all, to make memories that will be remembered forever. Looking good meant that students felt good, and their pictures definitely reflect that.