AHS Bids Farewell to Retiring Teacher, Ms. Bobinski

Olivia Griffin

Ms. Bobinski will be retiring this year from AHS. She is happy to be able to relax and do whatever she wants, but there are also things that she will miss.

Retiring is a big achievement for some. It’s a way of saying “I’ve done everything I needed to.” It’s the end of a long road that you worked very hard for, and hopefully it has paid off!

Ms. Bobinski is an art teacher, which is my favorite subject. I can personally say that she keeps it real. She doesn’t let anybody walk over her, and she minds her own business. She always give me constructive criticism, and tells me things that will make my work better.

We bond because of our style and personality, which is why I love to be around her.

She is very mature and is someone that gives me guidance about almost everything, including boys, looking at colleges to apply to, and what to wear to prom.

I asked Ms. Bobinski a series of questions to gather up her career here at AHS.

“I’ve really appreciated the community; I think it’s very tight knit. My favorite part is that the students really appreciate everything you give them. I remember a lot of moments. That’s one thing I’m really going to miss, is the interaction with the students and the moments we shared.

I’m going to be relieved about snow day,” she said. “I won’t have to worry about them. Every day will be a snow day. I do laugh a lot here. The teachers are very supportive here of one another.

They’re always there for each other when somebody gets sick, or need something done. They really take care of each other.”

I asked, “Is there anything you would’ve done differently?”

“I would’ve became a teacher earlier. Because I’ve really enjoyed it. I wish I had known how much I was going to enjoy it and went to it right out of college.”

“Is there any advice to upcoming teachers or the teacher that could possibly take your spot?” I asked.

“Be real. Be yourself. Treat students with basic human respect and that’s what you’ll get back. I think I do that. I have basic respect. I’ve never demanded a student respect me. I just respect them and I expect respect back.”

“What about your personality made you fit for teaching?”

“My sense of humor made me a good teacher, and I like kids. Also I’m passionate about my subject matter,” she said.

There you have it. Ms. Bobinski took her career very seriously, but she is looking forward to spending more time with her granddaughter. Her leave is well deserved, and I think she can be an inspiration to many teachers. She has a raw relationship with her students, and shows her real self, instead of trying to be that perfect teacher.

We will miss you Ms. Bobinski!