Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Mobley


Mr. Mobley with writer, Tatiana Gibson

Welcome to Teacher Spotlight. A place where students and teachers have the chance to connect with each other on an appropriate level necessary to function in school society.

Today’s spotlight. We will focus on a teacher that I would say is well known in Aberdeen High school. He is the chair of the social studies department. Along with a well-respected teacher to the majority of students that attend Aberdeen high. If I was to describe the following teacher, I would say he is about 5’7 with a lot of mouth, but a good taste in music. At least that’s what he would tell you. He is the official coach for track and field. And overall a well-rounded teacher who impacts almost everyone who takes his class. I’m shining on Mr. Mobley.

Mr. Mobley teaches African American studies and U.S history. When I spoke with him I asked him a series of questions to show me his background and choices in life. I began with asking Mr. Mobley why he became a teacher. Mr. Mobley responded with “I wanted to be a teacher because my mom was a teacher for 25 years and I loved how she had passion to teach which influenced me to become a teacher myself”

The next question I asked was, what is your least and favorite thing about being a teacher? Mobley responded with, “I like to be a bully to children, no seriously I love to be a mentor for children to look up to and influence them positively”.  He continued by saying “A lot of people come up to me with issues that I have to solve and you’ll be surprised on how many breakup advice I’ve had to give in the past”. His least favorite part is grading papers which is not a surprise.

The last question I asked Mobley was about his personal home life. I asked him about his children and if he acts like a teacher at home or just a dad. Mobley responded with, “At home I act like a father and a teacher because I don’t play with my kids and their school work”. “If I have the chance to help them, especially when it’s in my field, I’m all for it”.

Mr. Mobley deserves to be in the spotlight because he is a teacher that you will always remember. Personally I think very highly of Mobley because he’s not just your teacher. He’s a counselor in need. He always has open ear when you need to talk. No matter if it’s on grades or personal affairs, he is there when you need him. And, for that, I and any student that he teaches should have respect for him.  Thank you Mr. Mobley for participating and being a respectful teacher to trust. You have earned the spotlight!