Music When Working: Should It Be Allowed?

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Aviana Brayden and Julian Murray

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Many schools have a policy that phones are not allowed during school hours unless the teacher allows Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT). So, having this policy means students cannot listen to music while working either. For Aberdeen High School, a majority of the students do not appreciate this and here is why.

The students and the teachers seemingly have different views on if their students should be able to listen to music while working. Although, some teachers feel as if the rule on phones is too strict and music helps their students focus much better. For instance, Mr. Nistico said, “Yes, I think it helps them focus and eliminates distractions.” He advocates for the students and how music will greatly affect their grades, in a good way.

The students at Aberdeen High School strongly believe that music helps them focus on their work and get it done more efficiently compared to sitting in silence. But, most schools do not allow their students to listen to music because it will create a grey area in the no phone policy. If they allow their students to listen to music while working then they might abuse that and use it whenever they please in class which is not what the school wants.

The no phone policy applies to just about every school and is in place so students cannot sit on their phones instead of doing their work. Other than BYOT, if a student has their phone out in school and is on it, they will more than likely get it confiscated. This obviously applies to listening to music during school hours as well.

Asking students at Aberdeen High gave us an insight on how they truly feel about the phone policy and if music helps them focus while doing individual work. A majority of them felt the same way and said the same things. Many of them would say, “Yes, listening to music helps a lot of people focus and get their work done quicker. It also gets rid of a lot of talking and distractions.” Like Raina, 12, did.

When we asked these students and teachers about letting the kids here listen to music while working, we were bound to get people that did not like the idea. One of the teachers we interviewed said, “I think it depends on the situation. If it is individual work I wouldn’t mind as much. But, it wouldn’t be needed for group work.” They were not as on-board with it like some of the students were.

Aberdeen High School is a school that follows the rules. If they are told not to listen to music while working than their teachers will not let them. But, if there ever comes a day when the students can listen to music while working, then there will be many teachers that would like the idea, as well as students.

Altogether that leaves one person left on the matter; you. Music seems to be a big part of teenagers’ lives. So, if students could listen to music while working, would you let them?