2018 Aberdeen High School Prom

Prom season is around the corner, and Aberdeen High School is getting ready

ABERDEEN, MD. MARCH 8, 2018- As of today, we are one month and six days away from Aberdeen High School’s annual Prom event. Throughout the country, Prom Night is perceived as one of the best and/or most important nights of a teenager’s life. A lot goes into planning this night; hair-do, outfit, nails for the females, transportation, after party, pre-Prom meet up, and of course, a person’s date. All of this usually starts being planned out when students return to school from their Winter Break. Having said this, I took the liberty to find out just what exactly our students here at Aberdeen High have planned and what really goes into all this stuff, what has already been figured out at this point, how stressful planning can be, and the overall experience up to this point.

As for usual around this time of the year, most upperclassmen are excited for the upcoming event. Many people are somewhere in the range of finding dates and where the after parties will be. However, time flies. Before we know it, we will see these upperclassmen narrating their night on Snapchat. I believe it’s safe to say that money is a huge factor.

This year’s Prom will be held at Martin’s East in White Marsh. The constituency of students voted earlier this school year for an “Under the Sea” theme. As it stands, tickets will be priced at an expensive $70 per person. The school has tried to hold several fundraisers and have more coming up, in attempts of lowering the costs for those who plan on attending. Money has been the central focus for many students here at Aberdeen. However, Junior Field Hockey player Avianna Brayden provided us with a solution…”…order everything on time.” Some people like Junior Cross Country and Track Runner Daniel Foster believe that “time’s moving too fast.”

From what I’ve noticed, there are a few mixed emotions. Not only are people stressed, but they are excited. Typical Prom season, huh? Stay safe and enjoy your Prom Aberdeen.