Addicted: The Play

As prom season rolls around, many students here at Aberdeen High School are excitedly getting ready and buying outfits for the popular dance. However, one thing about prom that students are not excited for are the high ticket prices. Luckily, the play Addicted, annually sponsored by the Harford County Office of Drug Control Policy, presents an opportunity for prom ticket prices to drop.

Prom tickets as high as $100 are not uncommon and are a major source of discourage to many students looking to attend prom. These tickets are expensive, especially when combined with other costs for the night.

However, as they do most years, the Harford County Office of Drug Control Policy will be presenting the original play Addicted.

Written and directed by Christle Henzel, Addicted focuses on three young individuals who are struggling with various types of addictions. In a county rampant with overdoses and addictions, this play is another strategy meant to prevent Harford County’s kids from getting involved with drugs.

As an incentive to get more students to see the play, if enough students from a school see the play, money is given towards the costs of that school’s prom, therefore lowering prom ticket costs.

A senior here at Aberdeen High School, Symone James, is looking forward to seeing the play: “I think it’ll be really interesting especially as drugs really are a major problem here in Harford County.”

Another student here, junior Kiana Earl, thinks she might go see the play as well. She remarked that “This play really is an incredible way to get teens here in Harford County to understand the terrible effects of drugs while also lowering the cost of prom tickets.”

If students are interested in seeing the play Addicted, the next showing is March 23rd at John Carroll school, both at 7PM. Admission is free, so why not give it a chance and see!