“Seeing is believing….but is it?”

Phaedra James, Guest Writer

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“Seeing is believing” they say
But I don’t think it is.
Take love for example
We can’t see love
Not really.
But it’s just something we feel.
We see acts of love,
But we don’t know what color love is,
What shape is love,
What texture.
Another example:
Again the wind isn’t s something we can necessarily see,
We see objects intensely moving.
Our hair if it’s long enough,
We can feel the wind,
we know no color of wind,
No shape,
No form.
We can’t see air,
Yet we breath it in,
To live.
We cannot see god,
But that doesn’t mean that he’s not there
Watching over us,
Some people don’t think he’s there,
And that’s okay,
But again just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.
As so are our loved ones that have passed,
I believe that they are still here with me mentally,
Just not physically.
This all just comes to show that though we cannot see things,
It does not mean they aren’t there. 
We cannot see the future ahead of us.
All we can do is imagine,
And dream that we will be on this earth living like kings and queens long enough to know that our future will be bright.
So I leave you all with this question….
“Seeing is believing…. but just because you see it with your eyes, are you seeing EVERYTHING that exists in this world?”