Eagles Go to McDonald’s

Ms. Ewing

Aberdeen, MD. Saturday 24th March 2018

On Saturday, Aberdeen’s Marching Eagles invited the Aberdeen community to celebrate McDonald’s new renovations. Parents, peers, and supporters of the band came out to not only support the miniature marching band, but also McDonald’s.

Ms. Whittman, the high school’s esteemed band director, gathered a small, but very dedicated group of students to take part in celebrating this community achievement. The Marching Eagles played a variety of pieces including: “All We Do is Win,” the jingle for McDonald’s, and other cadences.

Even though the air was nippy, the band showed no qualms. Their spirits were high as they chanted, played, and danced in support for our outstanding community. As you can see in the pictures, the community did not just have the Eagles’ support, but also the IronBird and Baltimore Oriole’s.

With a great and supportive community like Aberdeen’s, we should see more events like this to come. You can check out McDonald’s renovations today and in the fall, you can come to see the Marching Eagles play during the football games. Go Eagles!