Ms. Wittman


Here at Aberdeen we like to showcase teachers for going above and beyond what they’re required to. One of these teachers is Ms. Wittman, she puts in countless hours to try to connect with each one of her students.

We asked her why she decided to become a teacher in the first place and her answer was quite interesting.

She said, “My dad was a high school band director, so I kind of followed in his footsteps. Believe it or not when I first decided to become a teacher in college I wanted to be an earth science teacher and not a music teacher, but by the end of my senior year I just decided that music was too big of a part of my life and there’s probably not a better way to spend the rest of my life then teaching students and kids that I love, something that I love like music.”

Not only is she a band teacher, she teaches several classes here at Aberdeen. She teaches 3 piano classes, two of which are integrated with advanced piano. Not to mention Symphonic band, concert band, and percussion ensemble.

The amount of effort she puts into her work just highlights her dedication to her job. We asked her how many hours she stays after in a given day and she said, “On a good day I get out around 6 to 7 o’clock at night, and on the long days it’s around 9 to 10 o’clock at night sometimes 11 especially during the fall.”

We asked her what gives her the greatest sense of accomplishment as a teacher. This is her response, “It’s been really neat to watch the band grow throughout the years. When I first started we only had 23 students in the band now we’re up to about 140 students which is really cool. Seeing the band win awards at national competitions and getting superior ratings. There’s no greater joy for a teacher then seeing what they’ve worked so hard on.”

Overall Ms. Wittman spends a lot of time with her students and loves being a teacher. These are reasons why Ms. Wittman deserves to be spotlighted as a teacher of Aberdeen High School.