Homecoming: As a Whole

Homecoming is a dance for the students to celebrate themselves and enjoy a night out with their friends. At Aberdeen High School, homecoming is taken very seriously. The students like to go all out. They enjoy the fact that it is a night for them to let loose and forget about their school responsibilities.

Since Homecoming is a dressy event, there is a dress code for the students; males must wear a nice pair of shoes along with khakis or dress pants and a dress shirt. No jeans are permitted. Females must wear either a dress, skirt or nice pants and a decent pair of shoes, as well. Aberdeen never seems to have a problem with their dress code for homecoming but has one in place just in case. A female student said, “Since this year is my senior year, I want to stand out and choose a dress I know no one else will have.” Because she did not want to be like everyone else.

Another girl said, “I want my dress to represent me in a way; sequins and sparkles to show I am fun and different.” The girls at Aberdeen like to stand out in the crowd rather than blend in. They want to look back at their high school memories and know they did not fit in. The dresses the girls choose are always difficult to find because they know it needs to be the perfect one and nothing less.

In order to reach the Homecoming dance, you must get through what Aberdeen calls, “Spirit Week.” It is a tradition that the week before the dance has specific days for the students to dress up as something different. For example, this year on Monday, it was career day; students dressed up as what they wish to be when they are older. Spirit Week gives them a chance to interact with their friends and have fun planning it all. Most of the students put their all into their outfits and make it fun for the whole school.

Last, but certainly not least, you have Homecoming Court; another tradition for most schools. The entire school casts their votes for the top six females and males they wish to be on Court and have a chance to win King and Queen. King and Queen are determined by who had the top number of votes for both genders. It allows the students to interact with one another and help their favorites win.

All in all, Homecoming week is a very fun and interactive time for the students and they genuinely take pride in the fact that their school as a whole shows spirit. The seniors definitely enjoy this week being that it is the last one they will experience.