How Technology has Affected Education


Alexis Amos and Stephen Schultz

Technology has and will continue to change all industries. Education is one of the things technology has heavily affected. In the early days, Greeks would pile and place books in libraries, however all information can be accessed by a click of a button.

The US school system is very complex and plays an important role in our society today. It’s changed much since public education was established in 1821. In medieval times, books were rare and only an elite few had access to educational opportunities. Now all you need is internet connection and a device to find any and all information. Researching information is a big part of the work students must do. A lot of this is now more efficient to find and easily accessible through resources such as Khan Academy, MOOC’s, podcasts, or YouTube.

As a student myself, technology has been a huge part of how I learn. Although since I was born technology has been a very great impact on public schools and continues to become better and better. Here’s what other students and teachers had to say.  We asked selective students on how many classes technology is used within the class. Out of four students, two students answered two classes. Another student said four classes and another said a whopping 6 classes.

How do think education would be different without technology?

  • “Wouldn’t have as good learning systems since now mostly everything is based off technology. Its something were used to because it’s all we truly ever known It’s a very useful resource and most of the time its reliable. Without it I feel as if leaning would be a little more difficult.” Makenzie Serven; AHS student
  • “Without technology we wouldn’t really have all the resources that we do now and if were being honest, probably quite stupid. We would all be in the same mindset because there is nothing to challenge. It’s also the fact not everyone learns well out of a textbook. technology give a fun and new way to learn.” Zoë Vasquez; AHS student
  • “If were being honest my homework wouldn’t get done as fast as well as I wouldn’t be able to check my grades.” Syiyanna Finch; AHS student
  • “Too much bookwork would be given without the help of technology. Books don’t always have the updated information needed to help do assignments. With technology you don’t really have to worry about that.” Sam Marlow; AHS student

Education has improved much since the 19th century because of technology.  It’s been important to the efficiency of how we research and display information.  In high school, especially now, students are focused on not just the quality but the time management and speed to complete all their tough AP and honors work in an evening.  Technology is becoming more of a key component to students work every day.