How to Succeed in an Honors English Class

Enrolling in an Honors English class is not something that should be taken lightly. As opposed to regular classes, honors lessons are slightly more rigorous. These classes require a larger work ethic and a constant awareness of seeking the essential details of all pieces of text. Those teaching honors classes are more likely to give students a higher level of freedom in their interpretation of texts. However, with this freedom can more easily come inaccurate responses to guiding questions. 

In order to pass an Honors English class, be sure to always ask questions when needed. Previously disputed in regular English classes, the reader is not always right. Though the student may believe something is true in the text, the teacher may not believe the same. The student’s grade is what suffers in the end of a disagreement with the educator. Making sure to get clarification from the educator for evidence that may be used is important. In addition, honors classes consist of texts that are of higher-level reading and may not be up to date with the standard conventions of current English. With the unfamiliar word use in the texts, students are expected to determine the main idea without the constant assistance of the educator. Taking notes and researching will help in these situations. Students can even make sure to practice the memorization of major details of texts by taking online practice quizzes. 

In conclusion, when entering an Honors English class, high school students will immediately feel a big difference. Figuring out the basics of passing an honors class with an A or B is not something that can be learned quickly for most students. However, the difficulty of the class is sure to better teens for the future in the long run.