To Incoming Freshmen

High School, as it is portrayed in the movies, is a teenager’s time to begin finding themselves. They go through many ups and downs whether it be with friends, grades, sports, relationships, etc., and it changes their perspective on how they go about life. These are just a few of my tips to experience High School the best possible way as an incoming freshman. Think of me as your guide to help you get through these next four years.

Tip number one; coming into High School as a freshman will be scary but do not think about it too often. More than likely, the upperclassmen will not be paying attention to the grade you are in and it will not affect the way people approach you. As long as you keep on doing you and focus on your school work, there should not be many issues about being a “freshie” so to speak.

Tip number two; friends are going to come and go but you will eventually find one or two that you know are genuine. Everyone in High School are teenagers, just like you, and they too are finding themselves and who is genuine. The friends you walk into High School with might not be the ones you walk out with. With that being said, venture out, make new friends, do different things with the same people you have been friends with, but most importantly realize who is truly there for you. It will all come about but the sooner it happens the better you will feel.

Tip number three; this is an important one, failing one test or quiz does not determine how smart you are. Failing is going to happen. You will not understand everything and that is ok! You are here to learn, and one fail is bound to happen. Most people fail a couple times, but they realize that they cannot be amazing at everything. We all have our strengths just as we all have our weaknesses. As long as you study and stay on top of your work and most importantly try your best, you will be successful.

Tip number four is for my sports players; sports and grades go hand in hand. I have seen a handful of athletes get cut from the sport they play because they were failing a class or two. This devastates them being that they thoroughly enjoy playing that sport. Now, there are appeals to get back on the team, but they are very difficult to obtain. It will be much easier to do your work and study so you know you can stay on the team.

Tip number five is the last and final one; have fun and do not take everything so seriously! Yes, work hard and get the best grades you can by working to the best of your ability but also go out with your friends and forget about school for a little while. Your whole life does not revolve around getting an A, you are a teenager after all. You need to have free time and enjoy yourself every once in a while. So, go out and have fun but do not forget to study and do your homework first!