2019 Juuling Epidemic


Kayla Vega, Writer

Not many know what a Juul is and the negative outcomes Juuls have in youth society today. Juuling has become a terrible trend for any youth to become accustom to. A Juul is an E-Cigarette that packs nicotine salts from leaf tobacco into small cartridges. Juuling is mostly found among teenagers in high school, and in college.  

 This E-Cigarette contains nicotine that is highly addictive. Nicotine increases your blood pressure and heart rate because it speeds up your central nervous system. The ingredients in this product are not labeled so the public are not being made fully aware of what is in this product. The liquid in the cartridge can be poisonous to a person as well as secondhand smoke to surrounding peers. This also can increase dopamine being released in the brain which makes a person naturally feel good. This feel good chemical being released can make a person want to repeat that action, so they constantly feel good throughout the day, every day.  

Studies have shown that many teachers and administrators are not familiar with what a Juul is and what it looks like. One True Initiative has done a lot of research and have found that more than one third of teachers and administrators either mistook a Juul as a USB Drive or could not identify the Juul at all. Many do not even know the effects of juuling on a teen. Some schools have put policies in place to help reduce the amount of E-Cigarette use. Schools have removed bathroom doors, have had teacher’s surveillance the bathroom halls, put more cameras in place as well as place detectors in the air vents to monitor the air in the bathrooms and other places in the school. True Initiative has been working very hard to include the Food and Drug Administration to prohibit markets from attracting younger crowds to their product and to prove that the Juul has positive benefits the environment.